Friday, December 3, 2010


Trying to get everything all cohesive here as I get this off the ground. So, here's my lame attempt - I just started a twitter account. It's LucasEwalt34.

I also have a ton of NBA related quizzes on (Two published to the front page, even!) My username on there is LucasEwalt if you want to check out those at all.

Pacers-Wizards and Mavericks-Rockets should get simulated today. Possibly getting the next to first rounders (Blazers-ThunderSonics & Cavs-Bucks) out of the way before the weekend, but we'll see how much I get to today.

Also, I have big big plans for the next "event" after the tourney. It involves updating/revamping the "NBA's 50 Greatest Players List." More details to come...

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