Sunday, October 16, 2011

Site/2012 Season Update

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, everyone. Particularly on the List of Greatness. (That will get done though, I can assure you.) But on the Hanging from the Rafters as well. But I promise there's a good reason.

Since the 2011-2012 NBA season is basically dead. I'm just operating under the assumption that we'll have no pro hoops at all this year (and if that reverse jinxes it into happening, all the better, but I'm still doing this.) So I've been working frantically to run the entire 2012 season with updated "Ultimate/All-Time Rosters."

The season was scheduled to start November 1, so I'll have a series of posts the week prior to that - first outlining the concept in general, and then the next six days will outline each of the divisions, with each team's roster and starting lineups and such. Then, I should (hopefully) have it automated to kick things off so that the results of the games show up daily (with full box scores!).


  1. Yay! :). Can't wait for this. Sucks about the NBA year though. Hope you find the time to provide commentary though (I know you are probably in a rush at this on my blog, I forget to post, yet I write every day, so know I have a MASSIVE backlog...Like around 50 posts...Looks like 5 or so a day though...:)...anyway, good luck...

  2. Really looking forward to it. This should be a lot of fun.