Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ABAers on the Ultimate Season Rosters

It's been pointed out in a couple comment threads that ABA players should get full credit for their ABA accomplishments when determining the rosters, since a team's ABA history is legitimately part of the team's entire history. And that's a valid point. However, I've been reluctant to do that, and didn't want to include ABA players (who might not be as skilled as players, but accumulated more stats in a weaker league) at the expense of NBA players and potentially hurt the team. So I figured instead of keeping this in various comment threads, I should just make a post where it could be discussed in a central location. Anyway, I'm currently giving players 40% credit for their ABA accomplishments (the same percentage as the Greatness Equation).

Here's the list of ABA players that would make the All-Time Rosters under this system:

Denver Nuggets:
David Thompson
Dan Issel
Larry Jones
Ralph Simpson
(Bobby Jones and Spencer Haywood would have, but they had higher scores for other teams.)

Indiana Pacers:
Mel Daniels
Roger Brown
George McGinnis
Billy Knight
Bob Netolicky
Don Buse

New Jersey Nets:
Brian Taylor
Bill Melchionni
(Julius Erving and Rick Barry would have, but they had higher scores for other teams.)

San Antonio Spurs:
George Gervin
James Silas
Larry Kenon
John Beasley

If anyone has any serious problems with these, or think other players deserve to be on there, or have any suggestions, let me know in the comments section. Thanks.


  1. Looking at those names, I'd definitely be for having the ABA in....those are some players that without question should be on the rosters...Maybe you should put who isn't going to make it because of it so others can make decisions...

  2. That's a good idea. I'll take a look at it and see how they look with different values just for comparisons sake and then post them when I'm done.

  3. I got the results done and posted today.