Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hanging from the Rafters - Chicago Bulls

Well the Bulls certainly have more guys than the Bobcats, but we're still not getting anywhere close to Boston Celtics territory.

#1 - Derrick Rose
Qualifies under #2 (MVP in 2010)
#10 - Bob Love
Qualifies under #1 (87.9 rating)
#23 - Michael Jordan
Qualifies under #1 (914.6 rating), #2 (MVP in 1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, & 1998; Finals MVP in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, & 1998), #3/#4 (930 games and Hall of Fame)
#25 - Chet Walker
Qualifies under #1 (95.6 rating)
#33 - Scottie Pippen
Qualifies under #1 (381.6 rating), #3/#4 (856 games and Hall of Fame)
#53 - Artis Gilmore
Qualifies under #1 (87.1 rating), #4 (482 games and Hall of Fame)
#54 - Horace Grant
Qualifies under #1 (106.0 rating)

The Bulls actual retired numbers are Jordan's, Pippen's, Love's (which they did sometime after 1995 because B.J. Armstrong was wearing #10 during his early tenure there but not when he was back there in 2000 and wearing #11), and Jerry Sloan's #4. Sloan is on the "close call" list for two separate categories, so I suppose I'll forgive them for retiring it, but it still boggles my mind that they've retired his but not guys like Chet Walker and Artis Gilmore.

(The Bulls also have banners hanging for Jerry Krause and Phil Jackson, but don't have actual numbers retired for those guys, which I think is the way to go with coaches and owners.)

Close Calls
75.0 Greatness Rating
1. (#2) Norm Van Lier - 68.6 rating
2. (#10) B.J. Armstrong - 50.2 rating
3. (#4) Jerry Sloan - 46.2 rating
4. (#7) Toni Kukoc - 45.6 rating
5. (#5) John Paxson - 38.3 rating

739 Games Played
1. (#4) Jerry Sloan - 696 games
2. (#5) John Paxson - 645 games
3. (#18) Tom Boerwinkle - 635 games
4. (#40) Dave Corzine - 556 games
5. (#2) Norm Van Lier - 535 games

329 Games Played and Hall of Fame Inductee
1. (#91) Dennis Rodman - 199 games
2. (#42) Nate Thurmond - 93 games
3. (#8) George Gervin - 82 games
4. (#00) Robert Parish - 43 games
5. (#9) Ron Harper - 19.4% probability (Since the Bulls have only had four other Hall of Famers not already on their retired number list, I just found the next highest guy who played for the team on the basketball-reference's Hall of Fame Probability List.)


  1. What! No Sloan! It's an outrage! (But seriously...he should be retired).

    Norm Van Lier should be in too....

    But that's just me (I think that the 70s Bulls were very good....just my opinion...I don't particularly like disliking (I don't really HATE him) was refueled after he grew the Hitler stache. (No seriously...I'm dead serious there).

    And Sloan is so close to 700 games...maybe make it a 680 game requirement (that I'm joking with...) That adds only Sloan, Kevin Willis, Bill Bridges (who should be retired maybe...not too sure about him...then just raise it to 690 to exclude him), and...Jon Koncak...never heard of bad idea...

  2. Well, the requirement is 800 games, not 700, anyway. But I have been thinking about tinkering with that number a little bit. I felt like ten years with a team had to be the requirement in order to make it as a "fan favorite" and someone a fan base would really want to see honored, which would make it 820 games. Then I thought I'd just round down to account for injuries and whatnot and make it an even 800.

    But now I'm thinking missing 20 games over 10 years is asking a bit too much. So, I've come to the conclusion that the requirement should be 739 games. Which is nine full years of service plus one game. So essentially, a guy could HAD to be on a team for ten seasons, but he could miss 81 games throughout those ten years and still be fine. (Any more games missed than that and fans aren't really going to get behind him with their full support anyway.)

    Similarly, the 400 games & Hall of Fame Inductee was supposed to be five years and Hall of Fame, so I think I'm going to adjust that down to 329 games and making the Hall of Fame. I'm going to be making adjustments to the ones I've already posted throughout the week and then just go with those numbers from there.

  3. Ya...I know it's 800...Sloan was close to 700 though that's why I said 700.

    Good idea with tthe adjustment, I'll see how goes in...