Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011-12 Ultimate Season (Update)

So, apparently, WhatIfSports sucks at allocating minutes to "Dream Teams." Here's a few examples - 1.) Jerry West starts over Magic Johnson on the All-Time Lakers squad, which would be fine, but they split minutes at the point right down the middle and each end up with only about 18 minutes a game. (Slater Martin picks up the rest.) 2.) Michael Jordan does not start for the All-Time Bulls. Jerry Sloan does. And the split time at the 2-guard slot. 3.) Larry Bird not only doesn't start for the All-Time Celtics, but he averages only 9 minutes a game... And this is when I stopped letting What If Sports do it's own thing and decided I needed to step in.

So, here's my plan - I'm going to come up with a system to determine which five guys would be most beneficial for each team to start. I'll try to stay as close to their original position as possible, but I may move some guys up or down a slot if it seems like they could handle that spot and still be far superior to their replacement. (Example: I will probably start both Shaq and Kareem for the Lakers, rather than Pau Gasol, who is the best true "Power Forward" on the team.)

Basically, I'm going to start the best true point guard, the best two wing men (these will most likely be shooting guards or small forwards, but could conceivably contain a point guard under the right circumstances), and the two best big men (either power forwards or centers - or small forwards if a team is desperate.)

And I plan on allocating minutes based on whatever the minute per game average was for the player's best year according to What If Sports. (Yes, I realize that won't add up to the correct number of minutes every time, but WIS can short the non-starters if need be.)

Does that make sense to everyone? Or does anyone have any better suggestions for formulating a team's starting five?


  1. Actually, I have a suggestion...I think the ABA should count as full for the teams, because it's just as part of a franchise as the NBA part...