Sunday, May 15, 2011

Um, what happened here?

So, apparently my blog reverted back to last how it looked last Wednesday for some random, unexplained reason. I thought for sure I had posted the 1968 List of Greatness results, and I'm almost positive I wasn't drunk enough in the last few days to hallucinate that or to delete it without remembering. I'll try to get it back up today. And if you posted anything on that or any other posts since Wednesday, they appear to be gone forever. Sorry about that, I honestly have no idea what happened there.


  1. I posted something really long for the retired jerseys project, and something for the 1968 one, but the are gone...

    Did you happen to read it before it got deleated? If not, I can try to repost the long comment on the Jerseys project I guess.

  2. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to read anything before it got reverted. I was hoping somehow it'd come back, but it's been a few days now, so it seems unlikely.

  3. OK I'll make a new comment then. I think I said something on the 1968 post but I can't remember....