Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Retired Jerseys Project

Hey readers, I'm looking for help/advice/suggestions with my next project and wanted to toss it up to you guys to see what you thought. (Don't worry, the List of Greatness will certainly continue and be completed, but the research is done on it and I like to be way out in front on the research for my projects before I type anything up on them. So I want to at least get the framework up for the next one right now.) But my next project, I think, is going to take a look at all the retired jerseys/numbers around the league. Specifically, what each team sets as it's criteria for a player to get that honor - and then using that to predict which jerseys will be retired in the future. That part of the project will cover what jerseys have been and will be retired, but I also want to look at what jerseys should be retired. So here's where I need your help. If you were running your favorite team (or any team) what would you set as the criteria for jersey retirement? And this can be whatever you think is important - years played on the team, a certain number of titles and/or awards won, All-Star selections, Hall of Fame enshrinement, statistical milestones reached, and anything else you can think of. And any combination of those things, too. Are there jerseys your team hasn't retired but should? Are there jerseys they have but shouldn't? Let me know who (and just as importantly, why.) Post your ideas in the comments here or shoot me an e-mail ( and let me know and then I can get this new project off the ground. Thanks!


  1. Stuff that should be used should be (and I'llput it on seprate lines so its easier to read): records (though minimal effect on the ranking),
    Awards that are ranked (i.e, MVP is most, then Rookie etc.),
    Championships (based on Playoff Win Shares or something),
    and maybe total Team Win Shares Added together.

    Lets look at the Celtics :)
    At 1st glance, you would think that they retired too much (which I think they did...) but lets look at stats and stuff. (Another thing is that teams retire numbers for people that didn't actualy play there, like Auerbach... or it the Heat's case, Jordan's 23... as LeBron would say, "that's retarded".)

    00- Parish- 14 years, 9 All Star, 3 Champs, No awards (meh...I don't want to add his win Share totals...thats for you to do... I should have picked the Bobcats for this...)
    Pretty much a lock

    1- Walter Brown 0 Years 0 Allstars 6 Champs... Owner

    2- Auerbach...Coach

    3- DJ...7 Years, 1 All Star, 2 Champs.... And this is where it is hard to calculate with stats... I would think DJ would be a lock.... But 7 Years, 1 All Star, 2 Champs? That could be Danny Ainge!!!! (You know whats creepy..... that is Ainge's Celtics resmue....literally...I looked it up after I wrote it...) Possibly you add in All-D teams (which started in the late 60s I think) but it still hard to do. Add in MVP shares (DJ was 18th in 86)...but it is still'll need to think this through...

    6- Russell... 13 Years, 12 All Star, 11 Champs, 5 MVP... Nuff said

    10- Jo Jo White....9 Seasons, 7 All Star, 2 Champs, 76 Finals MVP.... Dunno if the Finals MVP should count, but 7 All Stars is impressive... should be in, but not guarenteed.

    14- Cousy...13 Years, 13 All Star, 6 Champs...A lock

    I'm going to stop using stats now so I'm not here for an hour... I have homework to do....

    15- Heinsohn- On any other team a lock, but unguarenteed here, maybe becuase of lack of years.

    16- Satch Sanders- Stats don't show anything for this guy...but he was retired because of Russell, shouldn't be on here....

    17- Havlicek- (I spelled it without looking it up :)) A lock

    18- Loctcuff- Meh....Another person Russell carried.

    18- Cowens- A lock

    19- DOn Nelson...No way...good, but not great..

    21- Sharman- We can't deny a LoG member!!!!!! (I just relized we should factor that in somehow....)

    22- Easy Ed- Eh...I won't say ditto so fast...No champs............I would say no...

    23- Ramsey- 6th Man! Not a lock, maybe another Russell carried guy (which I will abbrieviate ((if I could spell it)) as RCG) Crucial to champions....but not a lock.

    24- Sam Jones- A lock...2nd best on later Russell champs

    25- K.C. Jones- Another critical, but not a lock, though he could be retired.

    31- Maxwell- Meh...I would say no.....but its up for debate.

    32- McHale- A lock

    33- Bird- A lock

    35- Reggie Lewis- No I will say no.

    That's it....This seems cool....

    Funny....this is longer than your post.....


  2. Well, here is basically what I said before the it got removed...

    I did an example with the Celtics that was very long...
    Here's what I think:

    There should be a win share as the most important criteria. It should be for playoffs and regular season, with playoffs maybe slighty worth more. Add in MVP award shares, and others weighted very lightly (ROY, DPOY). Add in all-star apperences as another criteria, and then add those up and pick a cutoff point that seems reasonable. I just summed up what I said in the comment in half the words.

  3. Those are good ideas. I'm thinking there also needs to be a years and/or games played requirement, too. Or at the very least, something like if you played 800 or 1000 games with a team, you automatically get your jersey retired. I dunno what the cutoff would be yet, but something along those lines too.

  4. Minnimum games work... But not at 800. ON BOston, if that was the requirement, Don Nelson would be automatically in. Maybe 1000. You have to be good to stay that long in the NBA.