Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trade! (Again) & Revision! (Again)

Deron Williams got traded to the Nets today. Gotta admit, I had no idea this was coming, which is kinda how I like my trades. Surprising. At least, it's preferable to the 6 month Carmelo-to-Knicks trade that went on, which basically felt like the guy was owned by the Knicks and they were just letting him play with the Nuggets for a while. Also, I love this trade for the Jazz. Not so much for what they got in return (Derrick Favors, Devin Harris - excuse me, former All-Star Devin Harris... yeah... that happened - and two first round draft picks) but for the Jazz basically giving a giant "F*** You" to Williams. As in, "You don't want to play here? Well, f*** you, enjoy New Jersey." I appreciate them making their move before Williams has any leverage whatsoever, preventing another "MeloDrama" season with him. Well, it'll probably still happen with the Nets, but it's nice to see teams being proactive.

Also, I forgot to mention this in my "Revision" column the other day, but I increased the value of ABA stats and accomplishments from 25% to 40%. The league as a whole may have only had about 25% of the talent level of the NBA, but I feel like that was punishing the greats that played in that league too much. I decided that a good to great ABA player was more likely to make at least 2 out of 5 All-Star teams/All-NBA teams, rather than 1 out of 4. (I hope that makes sense.)

As an example, Julius Erving's total goes up from 437.6 to 485.4 and from 20th place to 14th. Not a huge jump in the big scheme of all of it, but it's still significant. A few other examples, with scores and ranks before and after the change:
Rick Barry: 309.9 to 329.3, 32 to 28
George Gervin: 277.5 to 287.5, 40 to 36
Artis Gilmore: 208.0 to 247.3, 62 to 45
Dan Issel: 147.9 to 181.2, 109 to 80
Connie Hawkins: 115.7 to 135.1, 145 to 123
Mel Daniels: 74.0 to 118.4, 212 to 145

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