Thursday, December 8, 2011

Labor Deal Done

Well the new labor deal is "officially" done. I have it in quotes because there aren't any official details released yet. Sources are just reporting that the deal is in place, all sides have agreed to everything, and the season is set to go Christmas Day. Huzzah! I'll put up the details of the deal as soon as I hear the "official" news of what exactly is in it.

In other, sadder news, Caron Butler has signed a deal to play with Clippers next year. R.I.P. Caron. You had a lot of potential and it just never happened.


  1. Hurray for the season. I just realized how much I missed NBA. I plan to watch every game that I get (except the 10:30 games here...I live on the east coast.). I should splurge on NBA League Pass....We'll see though.

    I really wonder why Caron went to the CLIPPERS. It's the Clippers....I bet he blows out his knee.

    ALso, Paul to the Lakers???? Wow. Best back court in the league....but awful frontcourt. WHo will be their power? ANd they are apparently saving Bynum so they can get Howard (I would not want Howard on any team that I root for....Hopefully the chemistry is way out of whack). I doubt the Howard deal gets done....They Bynum will get injured and they are screwed! This may work out great for Boston!

  2. As a Lakers fan, I'm obviously excited to have the best point guard in the league on the team. BUT I'm disappointed they had to trade Gasol - by far my favorite Laker. Him joining that team resurrected the franchise and won them two titles... deserves better than getting traded off to the Rockets in the HOPES of landing Dwight Howard. (I would've much rather seen them get rid of Bynum and just go with Kobe-Gasol-Paul. That's a solid team right there.)

  3. Well, never mind - the rest of the league's owner didn't want Chris Paul on the Lakers, so... yeah.

  4. Yeah, saw this morning that the trade was rejected....Surprise, surprise...Well that WAS what we just had a lockout about....

    And Roy is retiring too. Other big news: Oden to Blazers, Battier to Heat, Chandler to Knicks (official), Hill to Suns, Thornton to Kings, Chamlers, and Jones resign in Miami, Arenas amnestied, and Glen Davis in sign/trade to Orlando for Bass......I'm very confused right now.