Sunday, March 6, 2011

Derrick Rose and the History of the MVP

Derrick Rose is almost certainly going to win the 2011 MVP. It's been a fairly consistent, recent trend that you could determine the league's MVP by the All-Star break, and almost certainly after about 60 games. I think the close Nash/Shaq vote in 2005 was the last time the winner was really up in the air until the votes were counted. Now, I'm not going to argue whether or not Rose deserves to be the clear cut front runner. He's certainly one of a handful of players this year who could win it and ten years from now, no one would argue that someone else was robbed. He has great numbers and he's carried a team to the (currently) second best record in the East without it's second and third best players (Boozer and Noah) for long stretches this year. So, if/when he wins, you'll have a hard time saying he didn't deserve it. However, I don't think enough is being made of how absolutely crazy it will be if this guy wins. Take a look at some of these numbers.